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Our Study Break Program offers a variety of fun activities for kids of all ages to participate in after school hours. We understand the challenge of staying active, both mentally and physically, at home and want all children to have the opportunities to keep up with their hobbies.

Zumba & Dance

8 weeks, once a week

Practice your dance skills and learn some new yoga poses from the comfort of your back yard!

Thursdays from 2:00 - 2:45 Ages: 5–11

Storytime 1

8 weeks, once a week

Listen to stories and poetry from an elementary school teacher! 

Thursdays from 10:00-10:45

Ages: 3–6


8 weeks, once a week

Learn how to take the perfect photo using new features and techniques!

Wednesdays from 10:00-10:45 

Ages: 8–14

Storytime 2

8 weeks, once a week

Attend these jam sessions while learning how to write and create songs!

Saturdays from 2:00-2:45

Ages: 7-12

Animal enlightenment

8 weeks, once a week

Each week complete the scavenger hunt to win amazing prizes!

Weekly: Due Sunday at 2

Ages: ALL


8 weeks, once a week

Magic class led by one of our tutors who has a passion for magic!

Mondays from 2:00-2:45 

Ages: 5–10

Arts & Origami

8 weeks, once a week

A perfect class for your youngsters who love to be creative and have fun!

Fridays from 11:00-12:00 

Ages: ALL! 

Sports & Fitness

8 weeks, once a week

There is no reason to not be active while being safe! Join the class from your backyard!

Tuesdays from 2:00-2:45 

Ages: 5–12

Martial Arts

4 weeks, once a week

Virtual martial arts led by a professional from Farmingdale, NY!

Session #1 (4-6):

Wednesdays from 3:30-4:15

Sessions #2 (7-12): 

Wednesdays from 4:15-5:00

Ages: 4-12

8 weeks long

Each week complete the scavenger hunt with your fellow Quarantine Tutor students to win prizes!

Ages: ALL!

Logic & Puzzles

8 weeks long, once a week

Challenge yourself with puzzles while being helped by an elementary school teacher! 


8 weeks long, once a w

Want more Martial Arts classes? 



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Alana Zinkin is a 10th grade student who loves learning and teaching science, math, and social studies. She enjoys playing tennis and hanging out with her friends. She is a member of her school debate team, Amnesty International, and Science Explorers. She has tutored her peers in the past, and is excited to participate in Quarantine Tutors!



Kelly Lim is a rising senior at Francis Lewis High School. She is on the varsity golf team, and is a competitive figure skater outside of school. Her experience with children includes being a camp counselor for kids aged 8-12 and tutoring children from first to fifth grade in various subjects. Although Kelly loves all subjects, her best are math and English. She looks forward to helping students through such difficult times!



Ella Chidsey is currently a 10th grader at Beacon High School located in Manhattan. She enjoys all school subjects, especially math and science. She spends a lot of time hanging out with loved ones, drawing, and taking part in athletic activities. Ella has worked with children at an elementary school this year, and is looking forward to continuing this journey throughout the rest of her high school experience.